Tips for the success of women’s clothing stores

Tips for the success of women's clothing stores

8 basic tips for the success of women’s clothing stores

Selling is the art of conquering the customer. This is a maxim that the shopkeeper can never lose sight of if he wants to stay in the market for many years. In this regard, we have separated eight tips to help owners of women’s clothing stores conquer new and old customers every day.

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1) Make a good reception, aiming for a positive first impression
The sales process begins with the reception of the clients. For women, it is essential that salespeople be attentive and responsive as soon as they enter the store.

The appearance of the team also interferes with this first impression, so it is good that the seller is “tidy”, this includes clothing, hair, nail and makeup and eyebrows, in the case of sellers.

Do not forget that it is the seller who leads the sale, and must accompany the customer throughout the process: from the entrance to the exit.

2) Agility and assertiveness to understand the client’s profile
The sales people need to quickly understand the style of the customers, and thus surprise them with news that will please them. However, attention: you must leave the customer free to make your choice. Suggestions should only be made if there is room for this.

3) Training to attend well and know the products offered
In order for salespeople to provide adequate care, with the disposition, promptness and subtlety necessary, it is necessary to invest in training. Employees should also be well informed about the products offered and the fashion trends to better guide the customer.

4) Mix of products that fit the profile of the target audience
Product selection is a key to business success. When it comes to choosing the clothes to be resold, the entrepreneur must take into account the season and profile of his target audience.

5) Testers, important ally of sales
Dressers are essential in retail clothing stores, as they allow customers to see “live and in color” the trim of clothing on their body. Often, the client does not pay much attention to the piece, but seeing it in her body is surprising. At the same time, you have the opportunity to see what you do not do well, and thus avoiding exchanges or even feel that they are trying to push you a “bad” product, which should never happen.

Do not forget to offer the customer to sample the piece. The seller must accompany the customer to the fitting room.

6) Attract new customers and maintain loyalty
Disclosure of the store can be done by means of plywood in the vicinity of the store, especially at the beginning of the business. Invest in a folder, pamphlets and, later, publicity in the media (newspaper, magazine, radio and television).

Friendship links and credibility with customers are good points for customer loyalty and maintenance. To do this, create a website on the internet – if you do not have recourse to this, bet on blogs, which are free – and profiles on social networks to relate to customers already conquered and publicize offers.

A pre-selected customer list can be a way to attract customers by sending mailers and emails, informing about promotions and launches.

7) Business environment
Keep a showcase always beautiful and with attractive pieces. Inside the store, put music that has to do with your audience and bet on very light perfumes that most create for the feeling of comfort, in addition to keeping the environment very clean. Offer water, especially on hot days, and new coffee. All this will make the customer feel welcome.

8) Always thank
Besides the quality of the service and the products and a warm environment, it is very nice to thank the customer for the preference. Remember how important it is to the business. This appreciation will contribute to a final positive impression of the store and its staff.

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