How to Choose the Decor of an 7-Step Clothing Store

How to Choose the Decor of an 7-Step Clothing Store

Searching on how to choose the decoration of a clothing store? Here’s the information you need to start decorating your clothing store!

The decoration is an important factor for shops, especially when it comes to clothing stores, because they attract the attention of those who pass through the streets and see the windows and windows.

Want to succeed with a clothing store? So learn how to decorate a clothing store with us! Decorating a store is not so simple, it is not enough just to choose “two colors cute and ready”, it is necessary to study basic criteria and make furniture, colors and windows harmonics one to the other.

That’s why we will teach you how to decorate a clothing store, managing to assemble a perfect clothing store layout, combining furniture, curtains and colors, as well as forming a beautiful shop window. Check out 7 important steps of how to choose the decoration of a clothing store.
How to Choose the Decor of an 7-Step Clothing Store

The decor of a clothing store is your business card for the customer. It is with the eyes that the customer will “fall in love” with his shop. Thinking about it, we created an incredible text with important steps and without error of how to choose the decoration of a clothing store. Check it!

1. Defining the Public Before Doing a Shop Decoration

It is impossible to make a shop decoration without knowing which audience will attend the establishment. Start by analyzing the goods you will market, are they targeted to the male audience? Female? Child Babies? Finally, find out first who will attend your store.

This is as important as the decoration itself, as men feel comfortable with more sober decorations, unobtrusive pieces of clothing that are easy to find and furniture only as a dresser, without “frills” like puffs or armchairs, unless Who will accompany their wives at the time of purchase.

2. Point to Make a Clothing Store

Although it is not the focus of the article to talk about the commercial spot that will be chosen, we must stress that it is necessary to be well located to succeed in the sales of clothes, so try to find a piece with a large glass showcase and that is Situated in a place of movement of people.

3. Facade Is Part Of The Decoration Of A Store

Assuming that a good point has already been found and we know the target audience of the store, we will move on to the famous façade.

The facade is nothing more than the front of the store, the one that everyone will see as they pass by, realizing that it is the “face” of the store, and must be well studied and “perfect”.

Starting at the points that should be followed for both men’s and women’s clothing stores.

The facade should draw attention, but do not be scandalous!

Using neutral colors, wallpapers or even using small woods on the front wall is a great way to get attention but not make the store “ridiculous.”

Mix colors, make drawings if you think it suits your store, display the brand logo, finally bring something that will make the consumer attracted to your showcase, but avoid the mixture of two extravagant colors that cause a contrast Very strong, such as red and purple.

A beautiful combination for unisex clothing store is light gray, use wood or beige, these colors are usually well seen by both audiences.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Light colors will not have the same impact or will not catch the attention of the consumer” !? I agree, however, that what we want is to create a harmonious environment, to make the store appear to be credible and to have high quality clothes, so we do not want to focus on an “extravagant” color, but on the “Sign” or symbol of the mark.

The sign or top (top facade) should be made prominently, it is advisable to use wood and clear letters on top (white, silver). This “frame” needs to stand out from the neutral colors used on the front of the piece, making it look beautiful when using a light focused on the sign.

Using a “metal upper facade” and colored sign is also a good way to highlight the store, however, one should note the color of the sign with the colors used in the front, as well as the color of the interior decoration and showcase, case Otherwise will make the environment very “heavy” and colorful.

4. Interior Decoration of a Clothes Shop

Beyond the front facade you will need to invest in a decoration of an internal harmonic store, which will make customers not feel uncomfortable when they are in your store.

As usual we cite neutral colors in interior decoration, such as white, beige, light yellow, light pink, baby blue and light brown, these colors will hardly make the environment heavy and inharmonious, as well as allowing a beautiful decoration with Details in different colors and furniture.

The big “issue” of interior decoration of clothing stores is furniture. The interior design is nothing more than the placement of differentiated furniture that fit perfectly in the environment, causing a beautiful contrast and creating a cozy and beautiful place.

For example, we can mention the use of a white color in the environment and the use of red armchairs, bringing an incredible contrast. To facilitate the choice of colors, one can use the famous chromatic circle, which can be easily found.

The interior design of the store can be done not only with furniture but also with the display of clothes, curtains, clothes and small details in the decoration as different colors or “tiles”.

Important: Be very careful not to use very opposite colors that cause too strong a contrast, as it may make the consumer feel uncomfortable to be in your store and will hardly come back.

If your target audience is women, you can make use of more eye-catching interior decorations, stronger color armchairs, colorful curtains and even designs and figures on the wall, this will make women feel even more comfortable.

However, suppose your audience is masculine or even unisex, avoid using extravagant colors, prefer brown or beige armchairs (for example), light curtains, tasters with “few prints”, so avoid extravagance, because there are men who They feel uncomfortable about it.

So here is the hint for the use of neutral colors in the shop’s interior, making the details of contrast through furniture, curtains and small “stripes” or paintings of different colors, always observing the harmony through the chromatic circle.

If you have resources, it is advisable to hire a professional interior designer, because your internal environment will be responsible for making the customer feel at ease in your store and, consequently, go back to acquire new products.

5. Furniture To Buy And Fit In The Decor Of A Store

The clothing store needs some furniture in particular, such as showcases, mannequins, dressers, mirrors, curtains and preferably good quality armchairs.

These basic and essential furniture will be responsible for bringing the “details” in the decoration, so carefully analyze them so that they are in harmony with the environment.

A medium size clothing store will need at least 3 armchairs, 2 dressers, 3 mirrors and curtains, so enjoy purchasing these products to decorate your store.

6. Showcase in the Decoration of a Clothing Store

The showcase is the place where you must make a perfect advertisement of the products of the store, being responsible for bringing the vast majority of customers.

In the case of a clothing store one should often change the showcase, showing the main clothing releases and fashion trends, so be prepared to change colors, decorations and lights.

To Mount a Showcase It’s Okay to Observe:

Color: The color used in the showcase is fundamental, it can not be in friction with the external color of the store, as well as with the interior design, in addition, special care must be taken with the season, for example in autumn Or winter are used more neutral colors, already in the summer or spring can make use of warm colors.

Lighting: Lighting can be done in two ways, specific or general.

In the specific illumination one has as focus of the illumination only some parts, as it is the case of the clothes, already in the general form, the illumination is used of form that covers the whole showcase.

It is advisable to make use of specific lighting when the goal is to sell some special products, such as offers or new releases.

Seduction: The showcase is not only intended to show the goods, but also to instill the customer in knowing the store, so try to create an environment of seduction and curiosity, so you can attract the consumer.

Space: The shopkeepers’ mistake is very common in this sense, the space for the showcase and the exhibition of the products has to be carefully analyzed, to avoid being too close and overloading the shop window. Also, if the display case becomes overloaded, it will cause the consumer not to “catch” the message or to focus on specific products, the actual purpose of the shop window.

Theme: Choosing a specific theme to work in the shop window is always the best, so usually have good ideas and difficult to repeat. Classic examples of themes are: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friends’ Day and so on.

Selection: As mentioned, the use of many products causes an overload in the showcase, causing the consumer to disperse his attention, so you have to make a careful selection of what clothes will be placed in the window. For this, it is advisable to analyze factors such as: price, profitability, trend and combination.

Window Exchange Can Be Made Noting Factors Like:

  • Change of seasons;
  • New releases;
  • Festive dates;
  • Promotional offers;

Children are a strong consumer public, and selling children’s clothing can be a great way to leverage profits. It will also make parents who take children look at the clothes they are offered.

Assembling a separate piece for children with a special decoration is the most appropriate idea, and the cost is usually very low. In this piece you can use wallpaper with children’s characters and vibrant colors and flashy, leaving a little aside the idea of ​​neutrality.

Using colored sofas (preferably darker color due to dirt) often cheers kids and make them feel more at ease.

An important tip is to leave the clothes and shoes WELL SHOW to the children, since they usually want everything they see, maximizing the amount of sales in an amazing way.

The play aimed at the children’s audience does not have to be large, and since the wallpaper is cheap, they usually spend to decorate less than R $ 600.00 reais + furniture.

Important Tips for Decorating a Clothes Store

Every clothing store that appears to be a “designer” usually sells more and for higher prices, so if you want to have a “high standard” store, try to decorate it in a neutral and detailed way.

Instead of using “flourishing” or beaks of light, get a chandelier, it does not have to be crystal, but make use of a large chandelier full of “details”, the cost is low and the appearance that brings to the store is impressive.

Setting up a “waiting room” with television and a beautiful rug can make the environment chic and well-liked by the upper-middle-class consumers, in addition, it facilitates the decoration, since you can put a warm carpet and the chairs or chairs Of similar color to the inner painting.

The decoration of a clothing store needs to unite: Sophistication, comfort and harmony.

For the tasters it is advisable to use the white color (inside), since it will make the place more illuminated and “open”.

Finally, we must remember that all the decoration is very private, and should be used the personality of the clothing store itself, it is suggested that care should be taken not to “extrapolate” in the use of colors, especially in the hottest and most striking , Since who needs to feel at ease in the environment is the customer and not the owner.

A great way to get a better view of the decor of the store is through simulations, and can be done even through “computer games”, as is the case of The Sims, an incredible simulator of “life” in which the house is built , Being able to buy furniture, paint and even decorate with shrubs and flowers. Simulate your store in a virtual reality game and have a better sense of what it will look like in real life.

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