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Basic Tips for Running a Women’s Clothing Store

Tips for Running a Women's Clothing Store

Basic Tips for Running a Women’s Clothing Store

Selling is the art of conquering the customer.

The sale process in the women’s clothing store starts with the reception of the customers.

Then the goods are presented and if there is interest, there is the follow-up to the taster. After the choice, the client should be sent to the cashier and, at the end of the service, thank the preference.

The service process is very important, since the salesperson needs to be trained and willing, always leaving the client free to make their choice and, as far as possible, make suggestions according to their liking. A strong point for a success in the service is to have well informed, dedicated, friendly and always committed employees with a good personal appearance, such as: hair, makeup, clothes, etc.

An important phase of the business, which is usually carried out by the owner, is the selection of products. It is up to the entrepreneur to choose the types of clothes to be put up for sale at each station. The goods will be marketed only in the shop where customers can try and get the clothes

Attract new customers and maintain loyalty

The customer service of the clothing store should be during business hours. For the disclosure, a pamphlet can be initially made in the vicinity of the store. In order to attract its potential clients, the entrepreneur should use as a sales strategy the offer of quality service and customer satisfaction already served, thus practicing informal marketing, giving continuity to the process of gaining space and increasing clientele.

One should take into consideration the sympathy of shop owners and staff. Publicity can be carried out through a folder, pamphlets and publicity in the media (radio and television). A pre-selected customer list can be a way to attract customers by sending mailers and emails, informing about promotions and launches.

Friendship bonds and credibility with customers demonstrate positive points for customer loyalty and maintenance.

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