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How to wear them in various styles of look

How to wear them in various styles of look

Satin blouses: How to wear them in various styles of look

In various colors, the satin pieces bring charm and elegance to any look

If before the satin blouses were relegated to work looks and social events, the fashion now is to wear looks with this fabric in more informal and casual events. To give the casual touch so desired, the combination with pieces in other fabrics allows the look to become stripped but without losing the grace and lightness.

According to the image and style consultant, Renata Corsetti, the satin has its own trim and what will determine if the piece is indicated for the professional environment or for informal events is the raw material with which it was made. “The simplest satins should be worn on more casual occasions, while the more sophisticated satin calls for a special occasion. But the brightness of the fabric does not limit the occasion, it can be worn anytime, anywhere, “ponders Renata.

As a piece that will remain in the wardrobe regardless of the fashion of the time, the consultant considers the investment in a good quality satin a right choice. Satin Boucol and Duchese are the most noble fabrics among the various raw materials.

Who can use it?

Because it is a fabric that marks the body a lot, women should be extra careful when choosing the piece of satin. Still according to the consultant, the shape of the body becomes more apparent with the piece, so care is needed. “The size of the piece has to be correct, since satin is a flowing fabric, so if it gets too tight, it will compromise the trim,” he says.

And to make the trim of the piece perfect, taking the fabric for a seamstress to tailor is an excellent choice. However, the care remains: “You can not forget that the quality of the fabric and the dressmaker is important for the satisfactory result,” recalls Renata. The consultant also gives another tip when choosing the piece: “A cuts are great options for satin pieces and mark less.”

How to Wear Satin Blouses

Very comfortable, the satin pieces come to mind when you think of lightness. However, Renata warns that not all the satins are so light so for the summer days. “Satin is undoubtedly a soft fabric. But if it is of poor quality or too full, it prevents perspiration, so it is not advised for very hot days, “reveals the consultant. By having a high density of yarns, which prevents vision through the wefts, satin is not a transparent fabric and therefore is more than liberated for work environments.

As satin is usually a more brilliant and therefore striking piece, it is important to keep in mind the balance between the pieces. “Stitches with a lot of brightness demand more neutral pieces, but they can be mixed with other types of fabric without any problem,” Renata points out.

With regard to the colors of the pieces of satin, it is allowed to dare: “Can everything. The fabric exists in the most varied colors. The ideal is to use the colors determined in your chromatic card (made with a chromatic analysis) so that the colors value your skin tone, “says the consultant.

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